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17 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel – Full Post

We all have our innocent addictions: chocolate, coffee, a favorite tv show or book series. For many, this also includes travel. But what are the marks of a true travel addict? Find out below!

You might be addicted to travel, if:

1. You’ve been called a gypsy, a nomad, or a vagabond.


You wear these terms proudly on your sleeve like badges of honor. They represent resourcefulness, independence, and resilience. Furthermore, their mere existence proves not only that others have walked this same rootless path before you for hundreds—if not thousands—of years, but that you can do it, too.



2. You feel a magnetic connection to any form of long-distance transportation.

WindowIt’s hard to explain to your homebody friends, but there’s something about planes, trains, and cruise liners that beckon you to board them. It could be the glossy paper on which they print the tickets or the tiny prepackaged snacks, but most likely what draws you in is the promise that these magical vessels will take you anywhere at any time in the blink of an eye.






3. Your capacity for commitment extends mostly to long-term travel.

PP StampsEvery time you receive news of so-and-so getting married, buying a house or having a baby, any roots you may have considered putting down instantly shoot towards the sky. The longest relationship you’ve had may very well be with your passport, and you like it that way. Sure, you might settle down eventually, but honestly you’re still holding out till you find someone whose soul is just as restless as yours.



4. You’re most attracted to other likeminded travelverts.

FireThe best conversations you’ve ever had have revolved around swapping airport horror stories, shady tourist attractions that led to something awesome, and comparing notes on authentic international cuisine with someone exactly like yourself. When it comes to relationships, you’re looking for an equal who not only gets your jet-setter side, but also fuels it with plans of their own. This person’s soul is scattered throughout the world in as any places as yours is, and together you’ll travel to recollect them all.


5. The sense of withdrawal that overtakes you when it’s been too long between getaways is tantamount to an actual detoxing junkie.

Drug of ChoiceOk, maybe that’s a bit extreme. But the travel bug inside you does start to get itchy during stints at home. Staying up way too late on Pinterest’s Travel Boards and living vicariously through National Geographic stories are your attempt to calm the anxiety, but all they really do is send your mind reeling with excitement and possibilities of future adventures.






6. You’ve considered or have taken the following jobs in order to endorse the restless, modest, yet culturally rich lifestyle of your dreams:

Picture 5English Teacher, Freelance/Travel Writer and/or Photographer, Professional Couch Surfer, PeaceCorp Volunteer.

7. You consider day trips to be the foreplay of adult-rated travel.

PandaYou gave away your world traveler flower a long time ago, and since then you’ve learned a thing or two. There’s a time and a place for quick drives to the beach and whirlwind, out-and-back flights, but the PG version is nothing compared to the real deal. Short excursions like these are just a big tease because, in the end, a whole day of flirting with them will only leave you right back where you started. Home. Alone. With another day’s worth of dirty laundry. Nevertheless…you can’t blame a travelvert for trying.


8. Receiving a postcard from someone else while you’re at home is like getting kicked in the netherlands.

PostcardYou’re all about other people sharing your passion for world travel, and you appreciate the sentiment, but damn, next time choose one of the uglier postcards so the Taj Mahal only looks half as life-changing as it really is.



9. The idea of jumping from job to job just long enough to subsidize your next exploit only seems logical.

work-odd-jobs-and-travel-onSure, your resume may seem all-over-the-map, riddled with gap years and unrelated occupations, but the common thread for you is your travel career. Just like everyone else, your job is a means to support your personal life…it just so happens that your personal life involves going over seas instead of going home.







10. Communicating in a broken style of simple vocabulary, hand gestures and facial expressions is as much of a mother tongue as your actual first language.

JoeyFew things make you prouder than being able to manage on your own in a country where you can barely say, “Hello” to someone. You have perfected your animated methods for hailing taxis, ordering from a menu (as long as there are pictures involved), and bartering over authentic souvenirs with the locals. And it is this sort of universal language that makes you feel able to connect with anyone, anywhere.






11. You can feel just as at-home when you’re not at home.

PumbaaWhether it’s for just a few weeks or for a whole year, you love settling into a new city/country. You grow comfortable with your surroundings, embrace social norms and make friends quickly, so you’re capable of being “at home” virtually anywhere in the world.



12. You are not immune to homesickness, but you don’t let it get you down.

HomeYou know that nothing in life is permanent. So unless you’re on the run from Big Brother, you can always go home. And even though it’s sometimes painful, to you, homesickness is a welcome reminder of what makes your roots so special. When you’re oceans away from your mom’s mashed potatoes or missing those nights out with your friends, you acknowledge the feeling, remind yourself that it/they will be there when you return, and refocus on the amazing new home you’re making for yourself right then.







13. You enjoy traveling with friends and family, but you also know the pure freedom of going solo.

SoloBe it on a large or small scale, you’ve enjoyed experiences on both sides of the traveling coin and find it impossible to prefer one or the other. They’re so different! Sharing a memory of that quaint little side street in Prague or hilariously ridiculous tour guide in Cuzco with friends and family leads to a very special bond. But few things rival the wild excitement and exhilarating freedom that come with setting out on a lone adventure.



14. You pinch pennies till they scream.

KrabsYou not only know the value of a dollar. You also know how far it’ll get you in pesos, pounds, yen, euros, franks, won and a whole bunch of other currencies. No one else’s self-control is a match to yours when it comes to state-side personal spending, because you understand that a beer foregone at the bar downtown is a margarita on a Mexican beach later on.




15. When it comes to plans, you know when to make ‘em or break ‘em.

PlanYour list of “best travel stories” are a mix of planned moments and happy accidents. When you set out on a new getaway, there’s a balance to be struck between knowing exactly what you’re getting into and not having the slightest clue. Too little planning can lead to unnecessary headaches or danger to personal safety. But at the same time, too much planning often closes off your mind to pleasant surprises.



16. The concept of Pangea almost makes you pee with excitement. Almost.

PangeaLike Disney World’s Epcot…but on a real-life, global scale, Pangea just might be your definition of paradise. ‘And yet,’ you think to yourself, ‘Part of the fun is literally traveling around the world.’ Would it be awesome to go from Asia to South America in half the time or less? Sure! But there’s a reason the world is laid out as it is. It forces you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, and that’s a good thing.


17. You believe that wanderlust is a condition that cannot, and should not, be cured.

This HeartRegardless of whether society deems them “nomads,” “gypsies,” or “vagabonds,” there are people in this world who are meant to wander the earth, acting as human links between countries and cultures. You are one of those links. Without you and your undying love for adventure, the chain would break. It is your duty, your destiny, your nature.

You are a travel addict. So, GO.





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