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2014 EPIK Contract – Fall

Below is a summary of what your EPIK contract will state! And if you really want to read the fine print, I’ve uploaded a digital copy of the actual thing at the end.

Article 1: Do what this contract says.

Article 2: This is how much you’ll get paid.

Article 3: Job responsibilities include: giving lessons with your co-teacher, preparing and developing lessons/materials, and conducting conversational English classes for students and staff.

Article 4: You’ll teach in which ever city they assign you to teach.

Article 5: Your contract goes from this date to that date.

Article 6: Be prepared to work in multiple locations, as determined by your Office of Education.

Article 7: You’ll work 8 hours/day, five days a week (M-F). The number of weekly teaching hours shall not exceed 22.

Article 8: This is how much you’re getting paid, when you’ll get paid, and info about tax-related things.

Article 9: You can only call it quits if you give 60 days written notice.

Article 10: You can renew your contract for another year, but for one year only. Upon renewal, you’ll get 5 days of paid vacation before your contract resumes and a renewal allowance of 2 million KRW (in place of an exit or arrival allowance).

Article 11: When you first arrive, you’ll be given an entrance allowance of 1.3 million KRW to cover the cost of your flight.

Article 12: Furnished housing is provided.

Article 13: Half your health insurance is covered by EPIK; and if you’re American, your first two years of working in Korea are tax exempt.

Article 14: You are allowed 18 days of paid vacation, but they have to be taken while  school is in recess. Also, you may be required to be present at the school even when students are on vacation. Furthermore, your employer can let you stay home to stay home when the school is closed…but you won’t be getting paid for that day.

Article 15: Up to 11 days (consecutive or not) are allowed for sick leave, but after the 3rd day you must present a doctor’s note.

Article 16: Special reasons you would need to miss school (getting married, a death in the family) and the amount of time you’re allowed to have (not enough, definitely not enough, respectively).

Article 17: Behave yourself.

Article 18: All the reasons for which you could be fired.

Article 19: Orientation is mandatory.

Article 20: EPIK is not responsible for you.

Article 21: Your personnel data may be used for statistical analysis.

Article 22: You agree with everything in this contract.


PDFs of actual contract:

Page 1      Page 2      Page 3      Page 4      Page 5      Page 6      Page 7      Page 8      Page 9       Page 10      Page 11






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