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The Financial Side of Preparing to Teach in Korea

Below is a rough breakdown of how much I have spent getting ready to teach English in Korea:

$1,200.00     TEFL Online Certification course through International TEFL Academy

$15.00           Passport Photos (taken at CVS)

$200.00         Passport Renewal and Expedited Processing Fees

$40.00           Passport Renewal Mailing (expedited shipping via US Mail, both ways)

$15.00*         Finger Print Cards x3 (at local sheriff’s office)

$18.00           FBI Criminal Background Check Fee (paid by money order)

$40.00           Criminal Background Check Mailing (expedited shipping via US Mail, both ways)

$10.00*         Copies of Bachelor’s Degree (done at UPS Store)

$10.00*         Diploma Apostille (done at UPS Store)

$55.00           Criminal Background Check Apostille (done by US Authentication Services)

$55.00           Diploma Apostille Authentication (done by US Authentication Services)

$40.00           CBC Auth. and Diploma Ap. Mailing (expedited shipping via US Mail, both ways)

$0.00              Sealed Transcripts x3

$90.00           Hard Copy EPIK Application Mailing (to Reach to Teach recruiter in Taiwan)

$45.00           E-2 Visa Application Fee (paid via money order)

$40.00           E-2 Visa Mailing (expedited shipping via US Mail, both ways)

$1,000.00     One-way flight to Incheon,  South Korea

$300.00        Smart Phone Deposit (phone and plan purchased through The Arrival Store)

$200.00        1 Year’s Supply of Prescription Medications

$50.00          Year’s Supply of Deodorant + Miscellaneous Toiletries

$30.00          Vacuum-Sealed Space Saver Bags

$3,453.00     Subtotal


My toys and future expenses:

$1,000.00     Montague Navigator Folding Bike (bought ahead of time because I’m too tall for bikes there)

$1,200.00     Dress Clothes (mostly pants) and Shoes (bought ahead, again, because of the tallness)

$70.00          Go-Pro 3-Way Extension Arm (cuz I wanted it)

$50.00          Art Supplies (cuz it wanted ’em)

$25.00          1 50-lb Checked Bag at Airport

$150.00        Fee for Checking the Bicycle

$1,000.00     Minimum Suggested Amount of Money to Have for the 1st Month

$3,495.00     Subtotal


$4,453.00     Rough minimum estimate of just what it costs to teach English in Korea

$6,948.00     Rough estimate of what it has cost me


Money coming back to me soon:

$2,033.00      First monthly paycheck equal to 2.1 million KRW (to be received on Sept. 25th)

$1,300.00      Flight reimbursement (to be received on Sept. 25th)

$300.00         Settlement allowance (received upon arrival, hopefully)

$3,633.00     Total


* Estimates for costs I really don’t remember very well.



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