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A Take on EPIK Intakes: When to start?

Native teachers enter the EPIK program via one of four different intakes: Winter, Late Winter, Fall, and Late Fall. Regardless of when they start, all teachers receive the same pay and benefits; and no intake is reserved for hiring more or less experienced teachers.  So when it comes to beginning your year in Korea, objectively speaking, no time of … Continue reading

Teaching English in Korea – General Q & A

Why did you choose to teach in Korea? Did you come to Korea having taught before? What levels are you teaching and where? Is there life outside of Seoul? What’s the difference between public and private school jobs? What’re the application processes like? How long does it take to get a job? What are the … Continue reading

To Renew or Not Renew – A Pros and Cons List

  To renew or not renew…that is the question…whether tis nobler in the waygook to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous English teaching…okay I’m done. But seriously, the question of whether or not to renew your contract with EPIK is basically the biggest decision you’ll make once you’ve landed in Korea. There are pros and … Continue reading

List of Required Documents for Applying to EPIK

Before you submit your documents to EPIK, make sure you have the following. Completed and signed EPIK Application Notarized and apostilled copy of college diploma Apostilled FBI Criminal Background Check Sealed university transcripts (4 copies) Passport photos (at least 6) Photocopy of passport (first page only) Additional documents as they apply to you: Proof of Teaching … Continue reading

College Transcripts FAQs

What do they mean by “sealed?” A stamp or sticker over the back of the envelope, issued exclusively by your school. Can/should I open my transcripts? Noooooooo! Don’t do it! EPIK won’t accept college transcripts with broken seals. How many do I need? While I ordered four copies from my university, I only ever wound … Continue reading

Criminal Background Check FAQs

What’s the deal with this CRC/criminal background check? If you are an American citizen applying to EPIK, part of your application must include an apostilled FBI background check (also known as a Criminal Record Check, CRC, for non-Americans). Basically they want to make sure they’re not letting a crazy outlaw loose on the future of their … Continue reading

College Diploma FAQs

Why do I need to include a copy of my diploma in the application? Having a college degree is one of the elligibility requirements for the EPIK program. Please note, though, that you should ultimately send EPIK a copy of your diploma and not the original, as it will no tbe returned to you. Does … Continue reading

How to Prepare Your EPIK Application Documents

FBI Criminal Background Check (or, Criminal Record Check): Obtain at least two sets of original finger print cards Complete this order form Obtain a money order in the amount of $18.00, made payable to the Treasury of the United States Complete this review checklist and this website to make sure you didn’t miss anything Mail … Continue reading

EPIK Interview Questions

The Skype interview is a critical step in the EPIK application process. Below is a list of questions, provided to me by my preliminary recruiting agency, Gone2Korea, that could’ve come up during the call. I’ve also taken the liberty of adding some supporting questions/suggestions to help further prompt any future EPIK teachers who are preparing for their interviews! My … Continue reading

The Financial Side of Preparing to Teach in Korea

Below is a rough breakdown of how much I have spent getting ready to teach English in Korea: $1,200.00     TEFL Online Certification course through International TEFL Academy $15.00           Passport Photos (taken at CVS) $200.00         Passport Renewal and Expedited Processing Fees $40.00       … Continue reading

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