Eun-bin, possibly my most-improved student from the year. At first she was very shy and afraid to speak, but together we developed her confidence and she quickly became one of my most talkative students. My desk was right next to the copy machine, and whenever she came to the office to make copies she always said hello and had a new question to ask me. By the end of the year we had fallen into a little ritual whenever we saw each other. I’d ask her, “How are you?” and with a sheepish smile she’d say, “I’m always fine.” I think we both found it funny because the whole “How are you? I’m fine thank you, and you?” spiel is so text-book and silly. Plus at the high school level, they’re expected to manage a slightly more advanced response. So whenever we’d see each other and say our respective lines, we often shared a knowing smile too.



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