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Hiking Mt. Jiri

A few weeks ago, as spring was just beginning to give way to summer, I took a whirlwind trip to Jirisan National Park in the south central part of the country. As South Korea’s biggest national park, it offers some amazing scenery and spectacular views! The only unfortunate thing is that there’s no major city nearby, … Continue reading

10 Things to Do in Seoul

1. Hike Bukhansan Located in north central Seoul, Bukhansan National Park offers a beautiful distant view of the city and surrounding mountains. We certainly had to work for it, as the hike took about 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down with frequent breaks, but it was worth it! Cost: 7,000 won one-way for a … Continue reading

Vlog Entry #17: Hey Seoul Sister

I would apologize for the obvious song choice, but I don’t want to! ‘Couldn’t help myself!

Hiking Seor-OW-ksan National Park

Have you ever done something despite the sinking feeling that you have no business doing it? I’m not so much talking about an act of immorality as I am an act of stupidity. Leading up to the point of no return, the reasonable part of your brain, the part responsible for self-preservation and the general living … Continue reading

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s a waygook!

The national past time of hiking isn’t all that Korean mountains are good for. At least not in Daegu. Last weekend I traveled with a merry band of fellow English teachers to enjoy a ropes course and go zip lining at Herb Hillz (yes, with a “z”). Click here to see a video of the … Continue reading

Hiking Mt. Gaji

Name: Mt. Gaji Time: 5 hours (rounded down so I feel better about myself) Distance: 13 km (rounded up, for the same reason) Difficulty Rating: Totally awesome but also pretty freakin hard and exhausting, yet not impossible for a newbie in tennis shoes Today I hiked Mt. Gaji, the highest peak in Ulsan! At 1,290 … Continue reading

Four Rivers Bicycle Trail – Seoul to Busan

What’s that, you say? A 700 km paved bike path connecting Seoul to Busan? D’okay! I cannot WAIT to do this! I probably won’t travel the whole thing all at once (just weekend trips instead). But still. ‘So excited!

Fifty Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea

Fifty Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea according to CNN. Must. See. All of them.

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