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Panoramic Korea

Below is a collection of panoramic shots taken throughout my year in Korea! Enjoy!

TREEt Others The Way You Want to Be TREEted

It’s the classic golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. But in the East, it’s more like: treat elders and higher ranking officials the way you’d want to be treated if you were in their position, whatever it takes. Whether it’s a matter of age or authority, hierarchy is of the utmost … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Ulsan Rocks!

With only about 1 million people calling it home, Ulsan is not the biggest city in South Korea. To many, it’s also not the most “happening” place. But, as I said previously in a similar post, there are still a number of things that make it a GREAT place to live! Expats UNITE! Like many … Continue reading

Seoul Food Shopping

If you live in Seoul and have no time to grocery shop, Home Plus now offers virtual/mobile shopping!

Learn to Read and Write Hangeul in 15 Minutes!

Learn how to read and write hangeul, the Korean alphabet, in 15 minutes with this comic strip!

Is it nap time yet?

The above e-card pretty much sums up my present state. I’ve taken care of all the logistical documentation and paperwork for living in South Korea, which is a monumental achievement worthy of a lifelong nap all by itself, if I may say so. But there’s no time for such nonsense now. I still have to: 1. Pack … Continue reading

Loco for Choco Pies

Last week, according to USA Today, The Wire and other sources, nearly 200 South Koreans and defectors from the North met up in the  city of Paju, near the North Korean border, to send 50 balloons to The Other Side. But these weren’t just ordinary sacks of helium. No, sir. When these precious vessels took to the sky, attached to them … Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

With exactly two weeks left until I hop on a plane to South Korea, every day I get a little more nervous, but also more excited. Here are some of the things I’m most looking forward to: Orientation. Between the long, informative lectures and the desperate attempts to make as many friends as possible, part of … Continue reading

From K-Blip to K-BANG!

It doesn’t take long to spot a K-Pop music video. The catchy melody, eccentrically styled hair and clothes, and perfectly synchronized dance moves are all dead give-aways. But has this always been the formula for a K-Pop hit? Actually, yes. Let’s travel back to the early 1990’s, shall we? MC Hammer is telling people what they … Continue reading

Korean Baseball Team Replaces Human Fans With Terrifying Remote-Control Robots


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