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A Surprise Mother’s Day Visitor

It’s the kind of thing you have to see to believe: waking up to the sound of a mysterious knock on your door; turning over in bed because you assume someone has the wrong apartment; hearing the knock again and begrudgingly rolling out of bed; opening the door ready to give some random Korean person a piece … Continue reading


It’s 1999, I’m ten years old, Emily is almost eight. A family trip to somewhere fun, Neither one of us could wait.   The tv wedged between the seats And games of “Not-touching-you!” Eye spy, slug bug, VHS tapes And so the hours flew.   A passing truck, we pumped our fists, And heard the … Continue reading

Crawling Through Windows

Without a doubt, art is one of the most defining elements of any culture. It captures the spirit of people, places and time, and expresses mood, opinion, and thought, in such a way that transcends even the greatest of language barriers. Whether it be a song, play, dance or a visual composition like pottery, painting or drawing, … Continue reading


When you open your heart and you open your mind You might be surprised what you will find People more willing to say yes than no A thousand doors to where you want to go   Strange new places, unfamiliar faces Sprinkled with only the slightest traces Of home, of the past Try to make the moment … Continue reading

I’m Ready for My Close-Up: An Interview with TLTalk

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to be interviewed an up-and-coming blog, TLTalk! You can find the interview, which covers everything from culture shock to teaching ESL, here. Enjoy!

Yangsan Half Marathon

Ran the Yangsan Half Marathon today in 1:36:24! Not sure what I’m most excited about: my time, my shiny new medal, or the carton of raw eggs I received in my finisher’s goodie bag. #onlyinKorea

The Ulsan Human Rights 10K

This morning I completed my first ever officical 10 kilometer race! Based on the name of the event, the purpose of the run was to raise awareness of some sort for human rights issues…but since all the literature and speeches were in Korean I have no clue beyond that. The point is, I did it! … Continue reading

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, In ten hours I’ll be on a plane to Korea. At the moment, the only thing that amazes me more than that fact is your boundless love and support. Where ever my passions have called me, you have been a constant force of guidance and encouragement. No words are good enough to adequately express how … Continue reading

It’s A Big Day Today

For my mother, with all my love.   His knapsack is packed His clothes are clean His hair is neatly combed. It’s a big day today His first day of school And her first day without him. It will seem like forever This single day But he’ll be home before she knows it. She never … Continue reading

Four Rivers Bicycle Trail – Seoul to Busan

What’s that, you say? A 700 km paved bike path connecting Seoul to Busan? D’okay! I cannot WAIT to do this! I probably won’t travel the whole thing all at once (just weekend trips instead). But still. ‘So excited!

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